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De 50 senaste publikationerna i DiVA

Författare Titel År
Torbjörn Åkerstedt, Peter M. Nilsson
Good night and sleep well! – But what is really a healthy sleep? 2022
Fanny Forsberg Lundell, Klara Arvidsson, Andreas Jemstedt
What factors predict perceived nativelikeness in long-term L2 users? 2022
Nichel Gonzalez, Ola Svenson, Magnus Ekström,
et al.
Self-selected interval judgments compared to point judgments : A weight judgment experiment in the presence of the size-weight illusion 2022
Carina Wikman, Mara Westling Allodi, Laura Ferrer-Wreder
Attention to the Whole Child Perspective 2022
Raoping Tu, Huihui He, Suhang Wang,
et al.
The association between healthy aging index and trajectories of disability : a population-based cohort study 2022
Marta Sousa-Ribeiro, Petra Lindfors, Katinka Knudsen
Sustainable Working Life in Intensive Care: A Qualitative Study of Older Nurses 2022
Saila M. Kyrönlahti, Clas-Håkan Nygård, K. C. Prakash,
et al.
Trajectories of low back pain from midlife to retirement and functional ability at old age  2022
Johanna Melin, Markus Jansson-Fröjmark, Nora Choque Olsson
Clinical practitioners' experiences of psychological treatment for autistic children and adolescents with school attendance problems : a qualitative study 2022
Christin Mellner, Walter Osika, Maria Niemi
Mindfulness practice improves managers' job demands-resources, psychological detachment, work-nonwork boundary control, and work-life balance - a randomized controlled trial 2022
Emma Hagqvist, Ulrik Lidwall, Constanze Leineweber
Is work-life interference a risk factor for sickness absence? A longitudinal study of the Swedish working population 2022
Daniel K. W. Young, Per Carlbring, Petrus Y. N. Ng,
et al.
Feasibility of Self-Guided Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for University Students During COVID-19 2022
Tony Bohman, Lena W. Holm, Mats Lekander,
et al.
Influence of work ability and smoking on the prognosis of long-duration activity-limiting neck/back pain : a cohort study of a Swedish working population 2022
Alexander Rozental, David Forsström, Ayah Hussoon,
et al.
Procrastination Among University Students : Differentiating Severe Cases in Need of Support From Less Severe Cases 2022
Luciano F. Drager, Daniela V. Pachito, Claudia R. C. Moreno,
et al.
Insomnia episodes, new-onset pharmacological treatments, and other sleep disturbances during the COVID-19 pandemic : a nationwide cross-sectional study in Brazilian health care professionals 2022
Marta Zakrzewska, Liuzza Marco Tullio, Jonas K. Olofsson
Body odor disgust sensitivity (BODS) is related to extreme odor valence perception 2022
Marta Zakrzewska, Sandra Challma, Torun Lindholm,
et al.
Body odor disgust sensitivity is associated with xenophobia: Evidence from 9 countries 2022
Alexander Nordgren Selar
Psychological perspectives on performance-based compensation : Implications for work-related and health-related outcomes 2022
Lars-Göran Öst, Lisa Clefberg, Anna Fladvad
Applied Relaxation 2022
Gerhard Andersson, Per Carlbring
Internet Interventions in Clinical Psychology 2022
Claudia Lissåker, Tomas Hemmingsson, Katarina Kjellberg,
et al.
Occupational stress and pregnancy-related hypertension and diabetes : Results from a nationwide prospective cohort 2022
Hanna Ginnner Hau, Azade Azad
Swedish Adolescent Female Offenders with Limited Delinquency : Exploring Family-Related Narratives from a Developmental Perspective 2022
Tommie Forslund, Mårten Hammarlund, Pehr Granqvist
Admissibility of attachment theory, research and assessments in child custody decision‐making? Yes and No! 2022
Constanze Eib, Helena Falkenberg, Johnny Hellgren,
et al.
What helps managers being fair? Predicting managers’ self-reported justice enactment during pay setting using the ability-motivation-opportunity framework 2022
Claes Andersson, Marcus Bendtsen, Olof Molander,
et al.
Symptoms of COVID-19 contagion in different social contexts in association to self-reported symptoms, mental health and study capacity in Swedish university students 2022
Devy L. Elling, Martina Wilson Martinez, Kristina Sundqvist
Perceived barriers in the dissemination of and organisational alcohol policy as a part of implementing an alcohol prevention programme among managers 2022
Rachel S. Herz, Maria Larsson, Rafael Trujillo,
et al.
A three-factor benefits framework for understanding consumer preference for scented household products : psychological interactions and implications for future development 2022
Karen Glaser, Giorgio Di Gessa, Laurie Corna,
et al.
Changes in labour market histories and their relationship with paid work around state pension age : evidence from three British longitudinal studies 2022
Andreas Gerhardsson
Processing affective information after sleep loss 2022
Mats Dahlin, Andreas Johansson, Harry Romare,
et al.
Worry-specific versus self-tailored internet-based treatments for generalized anxiety disorder, with scheduled support or support on demand : A pilot factorial design trial 2022
Rose Mortimer, Matt Somerville, Jakob Mechler,
et al.
Connecting over the internet : Establishing the therapeutic alliance in an internet-based treatment for depressed adolescents 2022
Kristina Sundqvist, Peter Wennberg
Problem gambling and anxiety disorders in the general swedish population - a case control study 2022
Devy L. Elling, Ylva Brännström Almquist, Peter Wennberg,
et al.
Effects of a multi-component alcohol prevention programme in the workplace on hazardous alcohol use among employees 2022
Devy L. Elling, Ylva Brännström Almquist, Peter Wennberg,
et al.
Evaluation of a workplace alcohol prevention program targeted on managers’ inclination to initiate early alcohol interventions 2022
Marylène Gagné, Alexander Nordgren Selar, Magnus Sverke
How important is money to motivate people to work? 2022
Alexander Nordgren Selar, Marylène Gagné, Johnny Hellgren,
et al.
Compensation Profiles among Private Sector Employees in Sweden: Differences in Work-related and Health-related Outcomes 2022
Mahnoush Etminan Malek, Åsa Norman, Liselotte Schäfer Elinder,
et al.
Relationships between Physical Activity Parenting Practices and Children's Activity Measured by Accelerometry with Children's Activity Style as a Moderator - A Cross Sectional Study 2022
Victoria Blom, Emma Drake, Lena Kallings,
et al.
The effects on self-efficacy, motivation and perceived barriers of an intervention targeting physical activity and sedentary behaviours in office workers : a cluster randomized control trial 2022
Kimmo Sorjonen, Bo Melin, Gustav Nilsonne
Lord's paradox in latent change score modeling : An example involving facilitating longitudinal effects between intelligence and academic achievement 2022
Torbjörn Åkerstedt, Simon Folkard, Christian Portin
Predictions from the Three-Process Model of Alertness 2022
Åsa Norman, Simon Swahnström, Natalia Ulfsdotter Karlström,
et al.
Multi-level barriers and facilitators to implementing a parenting intervention in prison, perceptions from deliverers and responsible managers : a mixed-methods study 2022
Liat Leibovich, Jakob Mechler, Karin Lindqvist,
et al.
Unpacking the active ingredients of internet-based psychodynamic therapy for adolescents 2022
Joel Gruneau Brulin, Phillip R. Shaver, Mario Mikulincer,
et al.
Attachment in the time of COVID-19 : Insecure attachment orientations are associated with defiance of authorities' guidelines during the pandemic 2022
Annbjørg Abrahamsen, Pál Weihe, Fróði Debes,
et al.
Sleep, Sleepiness, and Fatigue on Board Faroese Fishing Vessels 2022
Stefan Annell, Magnus Sverke, Petter Gustavsson,
et al.
On the same path? Profiles of proximal socialization outcomes among new police officers 2022
Netra Raj Paudel, Bidhya Acharya Adhikari, K. C. Prakash,
et al.
Effectiveness of interventions on the stress management of schoolteachers : a systematic review and meta-analysis 2022
Irina Nikolova, Marjolein C. J. Caniëls, Magnus Sverke
Qualitative job insecurity and extra-role behaviours : The moderating role of work motivation and perceived investment in employee development 2022
Jeppe K. Sørensen, Elisabeth Framke, Jacob Pedersen,
et al.
Work stress and loss of years lived without chronic disease : an 18-year follow-up of 1.5 million employees in Denmark 2022
Marian E. Papp, Cecilia Berg, Petra Lindfors,
et al.
Experiences of physical activity and exercise among women with obstructive pulmonary disease 2022
Michael P. Jones, Susanna Walter, Nicholas J. Talley,
et al.
Clusters of community-dwelling individuals empirically derived from stool diaries correspond with clinically meaningful outcomes 2022
Andreas Gerhardsson, Daniel Lundqvist, Håkan Fischer,
et al.
The effect of two nights of sleep restriction on emotional attention – a MEG study 2022