The ultimate objective of the REWHARD consortium is to advance research on a central topic for human welfare: how activities (especially paid and unpaid work) and social relations (in both employment and family life) are linked to living conditions, lifestyle and health development across the life course. Therefore, REWHARD aims to ensure the long-term survival, development and nationwide use of 8 complementary, high-quality prospective databases with multiple repeat measurements, both self-reported and registry-based, of exposures and health outcomes from childhood, through adulthood and into old age: SLOSH, LNU, SWEOLD, IMAS, STODS, NOSCO, SPHC and UCLS-ES. The activities are coordinated by an administrative office led by a board and an executive group of database PIs. The main activity in each database is data collection and data curation.

To ensure maximum usage REWHARD will coordinate meta data documentation and harmonisation, provide a single portal for users, offer support, and build a platform for academic cross-fertilisation. REWHARD will also support methodological development, e.g. in relation to non-response and linkage of geographical data. Given the sensitive nature of the data, we will provide legal expertise to ensure that the widest possible use is achieved in accordance with applicable legislation and research ethics without compromising the privacy of the participants.

CV of PI:s

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