Current research topics

  • Causes, mechanisms and effects of stress
  • Sleep, fatigue and recovery
  • Working hours, shift work and fatigue
  • Prevention and treatment of stress and sleeping problems

About the research area

The emphasis is on recovery processes as reflected in the activity of the central nervous system (such as deep sleep, the immune system and endocrine variables as growth hormone and testosterone). This paired with the possible causal factors such as stress, shift work, and the outcome variables such as illness, accident, sickness and mortality. The work includes further development of measurement indicators of poor recovery (for example, sleep fragmentation, fatigue measurement, risk of accidents) and stress.

The unit also conducts research on the burnout similar permits etiology and how to treat and rehabilitate the people affected. Research into such diagnosis and disease mechanisms is done in close collaboration with the Stress Research Clinic, pursuing treatment and rehabilitation of people with stress-related disorders.