SLOSH was initiated by the Stress Research Institute at Stockholm University in 2006 and aims to study the complex relationships between work organization, work environment, labour market participation and health. SLOSH is based on the Swedish Work Environment Surveys of 2003 and 2005 (SWES). The first follow-up was conducted in March 2006, when all the 9,200 participants of the SWES 2003 were mailed self-completion questionnaires. In 2008, the second follow-up was realized, where also participants of the 2005 SWES were invited to participate. The core of the SLOSH therefore consists of a total of 18 915 persons. In 2010, we conducted the third follow-up which additionally included 2,553 participants from Stockholm and Västra Götaland who had responded to SWES 2007. During spring 2012, we performed a fourth follow-up of those who participated in the Swedish Work Environment Surveys of 2003 and 2005 (SWES), followed by the fifth follow-up during 2014. Continued follow-ups are planned for every other year for many years to come.

The latest data collection was made in spring 2016 and analytics of the collected data has just begun.

The next collection is planned to 2018.