Press photos

Press photos

An archive with portraits of most researchers at Stress Research Institute. Press images may be used freely in connection with a news article or feature on the Stress Research Institute. For other uses, please contact the Information Officer.

Upon publication, please remember to mention the photographer's name where it is stated (Fotograf, in Swedish). For other pictures state "Photo: Stress Research Institute, Stockholm University".

The researchers are listed in alphabetical order by last name.


Johanna Garefelt (5866 Kb)


Göran Kecklund (5762 Kb)


Constanze Leineweber (5607 Kb)


Mats Lekander (6592 Kb)


Arne Lowden (8580 Kb)


Linda Magnusson Hanson (7029 Kb)


Gustav Nilsonne (6262 Kb)


Anna Nyberg (5788 Kb)


Loretta Platts (4083 Kb)
Fotograf: Johan Nilsson

Press, Aleksander Perski 1 (2907 Kb)
Fotograf: Cecilia Bruzelius


Helena Schiller (5109 Kb)


Töres Theorell (12023 Kb)
Fotograf: Johan Nilsson


Hugo Westerlund (3921 Kb)


Torbjörn Åkerstedt (7297 Kb)


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