• Volunteering might reduce the chance of developing dementia 2017-03-30 Individuals who decide to retire from the workforce, but start to volunteer instead, report substantially less cognitive complaints and are far less likely to be diagnosed with dementia compared to retired workers who do not volunteer.
  • Reproducibility of research in psychology investigated 2015-11-27 An international study presented in Science Magazine questions the reproducibility of much of the published findings in psychology journals. Researchers tried to replicate 100 studies from three prominent journals, and found that regardless of the analytic method or criteria used, fewer than half of their replications produced the same findings as the original study.
  • Promoting healthy sleep may be an effective strategy to improve life at work 2015-07-13 A new study suggests that there may be a reciprocal, causal pathway between job strain and disturbed sleep, implying that interventions to treat sleep problems may improve work satisfaction. Study results are published in the July issue of the journal Sleep.
  • Sleep your way to success 2015-06-16 To get enough sleep, and thereby look alert, can be beneficial both at a personal level and at work. This according to a new doctoral thesis in psychology at Stockholm University, examining sleep deficiency effects on appearance.
  • Renewed funding for Stockholm Stress Center 2015-01-08 The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working life and Welfare, Forte, has renewed the funding for Stockholm Stress Center.
  • Night work increases the risk of breast cancer 2014-11-14 Women who work night has an increased risk of developing breast cancer. This is confirmed in a new study by professor Torbjörn Åkerstedt
  • Lennart Levi receives the Compostela Prize 2020-07-07 Lennart Levi, professor emeritus and the founder of the Stress Research Institute has received the prestigious Compostela Prize.


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